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Konbini Story

Posted 2015-01-06

Open your own convenience store, recruit your friends and grow your store into successful business!

Mighty Monsters: Rise of the Minions

Posted 2014-11-10

Mighty Monsters: Rise of the Minions, is an action turn-based strategy PvP game where players face off and battles against one another at the same...

Devil's Dare

Posted 2014-10-17

Devil's Dare is a 2D zombie beat'em up, supporting up to 4 players to co-op and fight together locally.


Posted 2014-10-07

Monomino is a playful puzzle game developed by final year students from Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive & Digital Media in...

Mini Dodge Ninja

Posted 2014-06-12

Mini Dodge Ninja is one of the hardest games available in the store! Test your mettle against our rock-hard gameplay and have fun unlocking Little...

Romans In My Carpet!

Posted 2014-05-30

Romans In My Carpet! is a 2D turn-based strategy game for iOS and Android, centered around the absurd adventures of bedbugs who fly the flags of...

Star Baby Search

Posted 2014-05-09

Search and Rescue Star Baby and be engross in 100+ Over Levels of Unique Puzzle games and Explore 4 Worlds with whole NEW Gameplay!

Button Pwn!

Posted 2014-04-17

The team at Uber Gamers Pte Ltd has outdone themselves again. Hot on the heels of Minox – Pet Battle Adventures, a pet RPG for mobile...

Autumn Dynasty Warlords (iOS)

Posted 2014-02-21

The First Autumn Emperor: revered, feared and enigmatic. His personage is obscured by time and myth, but his legacy is undisputed.  

Lazy Rocket

Posted 2014-02-28

Lazy Rocket is a 2D side-scrolling endless flapper where you play as Lazy Rocket & friends and dodge obstacles to set a new highscore and...

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