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Button Pwn!

Posted 2014-04-17

The team at Uber Gamers Pte Ltd has outdone themselves again. Hot on the heels of Minox – Pet Battle Adventures, a pet RPG for mobile...

Autumn Dynasty Warlords (iOS)

Posted 2014-02-21

The First Autumn Emperor: revered, feared and enigmatic. His personage is obscured by time and myth, but his legacy is undisputed.  

Lazy Rocket

Posted 2014-02-28

Lazy Rocket is a 2D side-scrolling endless flapper where you play as Lazy Rocket & friends and dodge obstacles to set a new highscore and...

Conquest Age

Posted 2014-01-07

Conquest Age is a fast paced, skill-based and fully animated role playing game (RPG) for midcore to hardcore gamers.

Tiny Dice Dungeon

Posted 2013-11-26

Tiny Dice Dungeon is a free, epic RPG full of danger, warriors, wizards and loot!

Phase Shift: Threats Beyond The Network (PSP, PS3, PS Vita)

Posted 2013-03-20

Visually represented as a "Ship Battle", Phase Shift presents a unique 2D Arcade Shooter game with a warp mechanic, providing a vibrant...

Minox (iOS, Android)

Posted 2013-06-18
featured playable

Do you have what it takes to embark on numerous quests, face wild Minox, and battle against Arena Trainers, to obtain the ultimate title of Master...

Toby Space Rush (iOS)

Posted 2013-06-04

Toby brings you to space for an exciting and colorful space adventure! Help Toby navigate his ship through 10,000 muro miles of flying asteroids,...

Puzzle Trooper (iOS, Android)

Posted 2013-05-31
featured playable

A fast paced military-based themed game with over 200 whacky characters to collect and over 150 missions to solve and conquer.

Fido's Treethouse Scavenger Hunt (iPad)

Posted 2013-04-23
Serious games

Scavenger hunt styled game on iOS which allows your child to go on a virtual scavenger hunt

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Button Pwn!

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